We deploy transportation services as one of the most important aspects of your overall supply chain. Our rich portfolio of transportation services helps you undertake the extensive planning of enterprise resources.

We enable optimal integration of your transportation management module with all other business operations including warehousing and distribution services.

The key benefits from our world-class transportation management services for business enterprises include:

  • Analytical and reporting capabilities integrated into our transportation management system helps your business in making better decisions when processing shipments, calculating shipping costs and choosing the right carrier. Support for these analytical and reporting capabilities ensures greater customer satisfaction.
  • Our transportation management solutions also ensure greater warehouse efficiencies. We help you gain superior visibility for fulfilling your warehousing requirements and in overseeing the entire supply chain to save costs and increase efficiencies.
  • Inherent capabilities in our transportation management system help you manage your shipments well, regardless of location. Your business achieves greater efficiency and saves considerably on costs.

Our transportation management capabilities include:

1. Fleet of Vehicles – SD Logistics Pvt. Ltd. offers commercial fleet management to alleviate the risks associated with additional investment in vehicles and helps gain productivity improvements, in compliance with legislative mandates.

2. Dedicated Customized Vehicles – We help you create costs savings through dedicated vehicles in the form of customized solutions. We offer a variable cost structure and our reporting capabilities ensure that your supply chain retains a high level of efficiency.