Material Handling Equipment

SD Logistics Pvt. Ltd. offers a comprehensive portfolio of material handling services to support your business by offering the right set of solutions for moving goods and storing and protecting them. 

We also help your business enterprise achieve efficiency gains across the manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and consumption processes by enabling the most appropriate material handling equipment, capable of meeting your business needs.

We offer different types of equipment for material handling as part of our service portfolio:


1.Hydra Machines & Fork Lifts – We offer high-quality hydra machines and forklifts for handling your equipment efficiently. Our hydra machines and forklifts take care of loading and unloading of your equipment and its transportation to the desired destination. Our hydra machines and forklifts can carry tons of your products safely and securely, enabling smooth handover for fulfilling other stages of your supply chain.


2.Tow Truck – Electronic and manual tow trucks offered by SD Logistics Pvt. Ltd. enable heavy-duty material handling. Tow trucks available at SD Logistics Pvt. Ltd. allow huge quantities of heavy materials to be transported over considerable distances. Tow truck designs offered by SD Logistics Pvt. Ltd. are easy to maneuver and operate, serving as ideal speed-controlled transportation units for productive material equipment handling.


3.Material handling by Hand Pallets – Hand pallets offer excellent mechanisms for carrying out manual material handling tasks over short distances. Hand pallets are one of the most economical and robust options available for optimum material handling.