Cold Chain Solutions

Cold chain management solutions offered by SD Logistics Pvt. Ltd. ensure that temperature-controlled shipment is available for consumable food products and other temperature sensitive offerings.

We offer contemporary technological expertise to ensure that your perishable goods are delivered to the right link in the supply chain in optimal condition.


Our climate and temperature controlled systems ensure that high volumes of your consumable product offerings are transported from the manufacturing unit to the intended distribution centers in a hassle-free manner. The most important aspects of our customizable cold chain solutions include:


  • Capability to handle large volumes of sensitive shipments through our efficient fleet of cold chain storage vehicles
  • Availability of highly specialized distribution systems with multiple centers and cold storage facilities for high speed and efficiency to closely cater to your cold storage requirements
  • Dedicated services which are fully customizable on need basis and closely address the requirements of consumers
  • Contemporary refrigeration units available at your disposal and supported by a sound IT infrastructure enable incomparable cold storage solutions for your business. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that every customer need is addressed by providing them access to a solution that fits within their budget and caters to their core business needs